Uber Jobs Analysis: Measuring the Spread of Uber by Proxy

Updated May 2016

Uber is spreading its services both within the US and throughout the rest of the world. Explore just how much Uber is currently hiring; where it's hiring; and for what type of functions. The data for this analysis is collected periodically from Uber's website and now spans the period September 2014 till December 2015. Quarterly updates will keep building this dataset.

Job Openings Per Country - Snapshots in Time Compared

Europe, Asia and North America - Snapshots in Time Compared

Jobs Per Continent - Total

Uber Job Openings Grouped  by Function

Average growth rate of job openings between September 2014 and December 2015

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Our findings 

  • Worldwide the number of Uber job openings has shot up in the last year: a total of 435 listings in 46 countries in September 2014 is dwarfed by the 1360 openings that are currently listed for 70 countries.
  • The US currently accounts for about 40% of all openings and this has been the case since at least September last year: while the number of jobs in the US more than doubled since that time, there are other countries with a higher growth rate, most notably India, Australia, China and the Netherlands.
  • When leaving out the US, by far most openings are in Asia, a total of 439 positions - almost a third of all openings. This is a 60% increase for the region compared to June 2015 and more than a doubling since the start of this year.
  • While China has been the biggest and fastest-growing Asian market for Uber in 2014, India had surpassed it in the last couple of months - both in growth rate and total number of job openings. This month the number of additional openings for China however have overtaken those of India again. Note that the bulk of India's current job openings were listed in the months since June 2015. Data from this month shows however that Uber is still very much interested in expanding in ChinaThe current distribution of jobs by function indicates Uber is consolidating its rapid growth and focussing on manning its operations.
  • When excluding engineering, design and product jobs, there are more total Uber job postings outside of North America than inside. 
  • 34% of all job openings are in Operations; the second largest group of openings fall under Engineering and Local Marketing.
  • The relatively small percentage of engineering jobs compared to operational, support, marketing and policy jobs implies that Uber's backend is scaling very nicely and that it doesn't need much more engineering firepower to continue to grow the company. The bottlenecks now are likely drivers and growing individual markets, as well as opening new ones. Almost all engineering job openings that the company does list are in the US. The Netherlands, Uber's European headquarters, is the only other country with a substantial amount of engineering job openings (10 currently), although new engineering jobs have opened up in India and Lithuania last month.
  • Between June and December 2015 additional openings were added in about half of the countries where Uber is operating. Double digits additional job listings were added for the US, China, India, Australia and the Netherlands.
  • In the majority of countries, Uber concentrates its corporate jobs in 1 city. Only in the US and China, and to a lesser degree India and the UK, are the job openings spread out over many different cities. Comparing the total openings with unique cities shows the Netherlands and the UK standing out: the first has all its 50+ openings located in Amsterdam; the second has a relatively low number of openings spread out over a relatively high number of unique locations.
  • While Uber's expansion into new countries has all but halted in 2015, in the same period it has also stopped expanding - for now - in 9 out of 70 countries (where it has previously listed a handful of job openings). This also means 99% of the growth (interpreted here as additional job openings posted since June) is taking place in countries where Uber already has a presence. 

Count of different functions Uber is hiring for

Job Openings Per Continent Excluding Engineering Jobs

Number of Job Openings per Country

Top 25 locations with current job openings

Distribution of job openings per continent

Note that some job opening at Uber may span multiple cities, countries or continents so the count of openings per continent can exceed the unique job openings as listed by Uber.

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