Is Uber Hiring More in Europe, Asia or North America?

The ride-hailing juggernaut is hiring predominantly in North America (primarily the U.S.) Asia is the second largest pool of jobs with Europe trailing far behind. South America, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East represent the least number of jobs.  Most of Uber's hiring in Asia is in India and China. In South America, Brazil is the country with most openings; in Africa, its South Africa, and in Oceania, its Australia. So Uber is primarily hiring either in fast developing countries or in the developed world. 

Number of Uber job openings by continent

How many additional jobs did Uber add per country since our last analysis?

Additional openings are calculated by identifying job openings that are new postings in the time period we collected the dataset, compared to our previous datasets. This does not reflect the number of job openings that have been filled during the same period.