Where Is Uber Hiring in Europe?

Number of Uber job openings in Europe

Primarily in the Netherlands and UK

The upstart ride hailing company is posting far fewer jobs for Europe, comparatively, then for Asia or North America. Uber job postings number in the double digits only in two countries: the United Kingdom (20) and the Netherlands (52). 

France, where cabbies rioted on June 25 to protest the incursion of Uber's competing service UberPop, was showing only a handful of job openings among listings for corporate jobs on Uber's website. Combined, the UK and the Netherlands account for more than 60% of Uber's job listings on the continent.

For the Netherlands, this amount of openings is a big jump compared to earlier this year: the current number of openings is over twice that of January's. The majority of other European countries have seen no new job openings in the last couple of months. Aside from the Netherlands, the UK and Poland are showing growth: in these countries this month has seen more than a few additional job openings.

Snapshots in time of the number of Uber job openings for the Netherlands and the UK

Number of Uber jobs in Europe grouped by function

Job Openings: Percentage Per Country

Additional job openings in Europe since our last analysis

Additional openings are calculated by identifying job openings that are new postings in the time period we collected the dataset, compared to our previous datasets. This does not reflect the number of job openings that have been filled during the same period.

Growth rate of Uber job openings for European countries (September 2014 - October 2015)